Letʻs go on a tour!

Swimming with Green Sea Turtle in Hawaii

Green Sea Turtles are called Honu in Hawaii

Along the coast at Hilo Bay is Keaukaha, here there are many grottos and inlets that shelter a population of big green sea turtles. They are quite friendly… would like you to feed them some limu or grass…. but they can bite!

There is one special honu who was injured in the bay by a boat propeller. They emergency flew him to Honolulu for treatment and shell repair and fitted him with a small gps device when they set him free on Oahu. He was back in Keaukaha the very next day. You can see him swimming with his pals at “4 mile” (Carlsmith Beach Park) most days.

I think they like the cool brackish water here. Fresh icey water from Mauna Kea blends with the temperate bay sea water, making a honu paradise.







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