Big Island Art Adventure Tours

Mano (without the ‘okina)  means many in the Hawaiian language. Manu means bird. ManoManu is Many Birds. The idea for ManoManu Big Island Art Adventure Tours is to bring together many creative birds of a feather.  Our tours unite visiting artists & art lovers with local art & artists by offering studio tours, classes and excursions to galleries as well as beautiful, inspirational places to make some art yourself. We work together with you to design an unforgettable experience.

Reef fishing at South Point. Photo credit: Mary Strong

Artists of all disciplines and skill levels are encouraged to click this link to:

Create your own Custom Tour

Hilina Pali at sunset from Kalapana. Photo credit: Mary Strong
Majestic Mauna Loa, view from Kilauea. Photo credit: Mary Strong


Looking down the coastline towards Waipio and Waimanu Valleys from Pololu. Photo credit: Mary Strong
The beautiful rugged Puna coastline. Photo credit: Mary Strong
Everyone loves a Kona Sunset! Photo credit Lynne Rose